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Brief but powerful interview on JenningsWire—a great lesson in how to make the most of less than nine minutes.

Ajay Prasad and I chat on Founder’s Corner. He mentors me about pricing, ROI, and other MBA-type business concerns, while I educate him on green business and the green/social entrepreneurship market—including three different types of customers for green products and services and the surprising answers to questions like 1) what’s the largest segment of customers for green products? And 2) what company sells more organic products than Whole Foods?

Positive Phil Podcast. We start with a detailed example of the types of products that can create social betterment (reducing poverty, creating jobs), environmental/health/safety improvement (eliminating toxic fumes and a major fire hazard), and make a nice profit all at once. Then several examples of how we can improve our engineering and design by studying nature. We discuss the word “Transformpreneur” (which I use to describe myself)…how solar can be workable for renters and for people who live in cloudy areas…how to replace boring press releases with fascinating ones…a company that has thrived by employing “unemployables”—and what I love about the work I do and the life I lead.

Kymm Nelsen, host of Conscious Leadership Weekly, conducts the best interview I’ve ever done. In just 51 minutes, we managed to cover:

  • My activist childhood beginning at age 3, including a 48-year boycott
  • The key mindset shift that I harnessed to build the movement that saved a mountain
  • Why problems like hunger, poverty war, and catastrophic climate change are actually solvable—and how to effectively motivate people to solve them
  • Three ways business can profit by solving those problems
  • How to avoid getting a stake pounded through the heart of your business after a customer service screw-up
  • How empowering your employees lowers your HR costs
  • Why lying about one thing can destroy all the hard-won goodwill you’ve built up in your business
  • The exciting new exponential-growth paradigm of “biological marketing”—and the engineering miracle of “biomimicry”
  • How to convince business people who think going green or running a conscious, social-change-focused business is “too hard”
  • A key mistake the green movement committed in the 1970s and 80s
  • The two simple changes I made that cut my paper use ~80 percent
  • The way one social enterprise addresses urban poverty, creates personal empowerment, and eliminates staffing shortages all at once
  • Why Ben & Jerry’s was able to carve out 40 percent market share in a market with hundreds of competitors
  • The surprising answer: what company sells more organic food than Whole Foods—and how you can use their marketing strategy to sell green and social change products to people who don’t even care about the issues
  • The almost net-zero-energy house built in the cold Colorado Rockies back in 1983—that doesn’t need a furnace, stays warm enough to grow bananas, and has a $5 monthly electric bill
  • How thinking about light bulbs differently could save some businesses up to $4 million
  • Finding and harnessing new product opportunities that never existed before: from a Frisbee-sized hydroelectric generator to small-space indoor apartment gardens

Brand with Jenna—Brave Entrepreneur Podcast: (Episode 90):

  • How you can create a *profitable* business that can change the world
  • The teamwork involved in building a successful movement
  • Learning to think long-term—even through a 10-year campaign

Profits and Prana with Ysmay Walsh:

  • Ordinary people joining with others to change the world
  • How we saved our local mountain
  • Why Ben & Jerry’s is so successful (hint: it has a lot to do with their corporate social conscience)
  • Exploring the idea of an international force of yoga teacher serving as conflict mediators

Smart Hustle Podcast with Ramon Ray:

  • Why every business can benefit by introducing and marketing products and services that address threats like hunger, poverty, war and climate change
  • Why social entrepreneurship goes deeper than philanthropy
  • How even solopreneurs can make a difference

Five-minute interview on Jennings Wire: “How Ordinary People Can Do The Extraordinary” How ordinary people start and lead movements—and how Shel saved a mountain in his own town.

Mike Schwager:
How I got started in social/environmental change at age 3 and returned to it (for life) at age 12. Dialog with Jack Nadel, 92-year-old entrepreneur with a green product line. The easiest ways a business can go green—and the real 7-figure savings that are possible when counting all the costs. Why market share doesn’t matter, and how to partner with competitors

Western Massachusetts Business Show with Ira Bryck, Profiles of several companies that were founded to good in the world. Green companies as price leaders. How to get a copy of my $9.95 ebook, Painless Green: 111 Tips to Help the Environment, Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Cut Your Budget, and Improve Your Quality of Life—With No Negative Impact on Your Lifestyle at no cost.

Bill Newman: (segment starts at 28:28): A quick, intense 11-minute trip through the highlights of my work

Ask those Branding Guys: (segment starts at 9:23)

Barry Moltz: (segment starts at 15:12)

Todd Schinck, Intrepid Now, with a nice emphasis on the power of ordinary people to change the world: (segment starts at 2:28)

JV Crum, Conscious Millionaire, second interview: We cover my first activist moment at age 3, how I helped save a mountain, the next big environmental issue, and how a simple vow in my 20s changed my life (segment starts at 3:25)

Jill Buck, Go Green Radio: (segment starts at 0:52). The difference between socially responsible and socially transformative businesses, impact of a social agenda on employees, urban farming, new energy technologies…and a cool case study of how a dog groomer could green up.

Kristie Notto, Be Legendary: The perfect example of a business that addresses social issues, the hidden revenue model I showed a social entrepreneur, how a famous gourmet food company went head-to-head with a much larger competitor, what we can learn about engineering from nature, and why wars are solvable

Guest on Leon Jay, Socialpreneurtv (you’ll get to see what I look like when I’m overdue for a haircut/beard trim—a rare glimpse at Shaggy Shel)

Two-part interview on Steve Sapowksy’s excellent EcoWarrior Radio podcast: (Listen to Part 1 before Part 2, of course)

The first of two excellent shows on Conscious Millionaire

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