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Market Me Tweet
If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice that for the last couple of weeks, most of my Tweets don’t come from TweetDeck anymore. Instead, they’re from an application called “ShelHorowitzGreen&EthicalMarketing.” What magic strings did I pull to set that up? None whatsoever, and I can’t program anything more complicated than a QuicKeys macro so you can bet I didn’t write the code for this.

The secret is Market Me Tweet, a nifty little program that lets you create an application, in Twitter’s eyes, just by copying a few lines of code once. It takes maybe ten minutes to set up, and after that, all your Tweets carry your own brand. You just post them, using an implication interface for both Twitter and Facebook very similar to TweetDeck (though, I confess, not quite as elegant). In my case, with my goal of becoming nationally and internationally known as a go-to commentator for green business issues, the ability to reinforce that with every Tweet is very powerful—especially now that Google is indexing Tweets. If you figure you might use Twitter for the next ten years,a lifetime membership will cost you twelve bucks a year. If you purchase any advertising at all, you’ know how ridiculously cheap that is. But if that’s too much to convince you, go get the first month for $15 and see how you like it. Tammy Fennel, head of the company, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee anyhow, so you have nothing to lose.

GoShort URL

You might also notice that some of the URLs I use in this newsletter and on my various social media sites point back to one of my own domains, As an example, if you hover your cursor over the link for Market Me Tweet, you’ll see that the actual link is This has a number of advantages: First of all, it provides “link juice” to me instead of some other site, and makes my site a good deal more important in Google’s eyes. Especially if my posts get retweeted or copied to a resource blog, or one of my social media pages—but probably even if they get harvested by a yucky spammy splogger site.

Second, it’s a built in URL shortener, much more convenient to use than monstrosities like blog post URLs. As an example, my most recent blog post as I write this has this lovely and convenient URL (NOT!):

And third, it makes it much harder for anyone to hijack any affiliate URLs I happen to use (and yes, both of these resources are affiliate links). Yes, it’s a common practice for unscrupulous marketers to knock out someone else’s affiliate code and substitute their own. (Can you say Eeeeeew?)

Finally, it’s written by Will Bontrager, whom I’ve known online for about 15 years and always found to be a person of great integrity as well as a skilled programmer. He’s done a ton of great utilities over the years.

Want to get your own? Conveniently enough, it’s at

Help Dr. Mani Help Child Heart Patients in India

My Indian friend Dr. Mani is not only a successful Internet marketer, but also a famous pediatric heart surgeon. A large percentage of his Internet income goes to fund surgery for kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get this life-saving surgery. He’s just released a new version of his Think, Write, Retire, a very nice guide to infoproduct marketing online. His official launch starts August 15, but I’m jumping the gun since I won’t have an issue then–and you don’t have to wait to get the $123.85in incentives.

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