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9/11 and the Lost Opportunity

I have spent much time over the last 10 years reflecting on 9/11, the choices that were made at that time, and the dreadful consequences of those choices: hundreds of thousands dead, two countries largely destroyed, and the economy of a third–my own country–in shambles. I took the 10th anniversary as a day to think about what might have been, how President Bush (and the country) could have seized the moment and stepped into greatness. I’d welcome your comments on the blog page at

And yes, I recognize that not everyone reading this will share my opinions. Honest disagreement and healthy discussion are good things (ad hominum attacks are not).

Direct Mail that Got Me to Write Back

Bonus Direct-Mail Tip:

Since my subject is effective direct mail…

If you use an e-mail program like Constant Contact that supposedly renders beautiful HTML, make darned sure your “view in a browser” link actually works. Those renderings are unreadable in my e-mail program, though beautiful on the web. If the link to the web version doesn’t work—and that happens at least 15 percent of the time—I hit delete, and all your hard work adding me to your list is lost.

A Bulk E-Mail That Worked For Me

As a marketing consultant, copywriter, and teacher of effective marketing, I’m always on the lookout for great examples.

This is a cold-pitch that showed up in my e-mail recently, and I thought it was so brilliantly done, I asked permission to share it. And we’re actually even in dialogue about his core services. If we can find something that’s appropriate for me to use at personal appearances, I might even become a customer—and the last time I bought promotional products was something like 1988.

Wish I could take the credit for it—but I’m guessing Josh didn’t even use a copywriter, just wrote from his heart. Here’s the letter, and then some analysis; feel free to add your own comments below:

From: "Josh Frey" <>

Subject: Just Checking In Shel ...

X-Pass-two: yes

Hi Shel!

Hope you and yours had a great Labor Day weekend! I was was up in NYC celebrating my

Aunt and Uncle's 60th anniversary (I know, that's a pretty impressive number of years

to be married!).

Anyway, I just wanted to check-in to see if you had any upcoming needs for September

and the Fall...for trade shows, events, corporate outings, recruiting fairs, etc?

Our team would be happy to research and price out some ideas and items for you or any

of your colleagues at Principled Profit if you all have any needs.

Thanks for the opportunity and let me know if we can be of service. Have a great week.


P.S. Here is a link to an awesome deal on Starbucks style 16oz. Acrylic Tumblers -

BUY 96 GET 96 FREE! Only $6.50 per tumbler. For more details, click here:

P.P.S. This tumbler deal is over 75% off of what Starbucks charges! You can buy these

on Amazon for 22 ea... or with us for $6.50. Plus, you get your logo on the tumbler.

Don't believe me...check it out:

Josh Frey

CEO and Founder, On Sale Promos

202-237-2828 cell

5100A Macarthur Blvd, NW

Washington, District of Columbia 20016

United States

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