Thank you for your interest in the Clean and Green Club. At this time, we are not accepting new memberships. It turned out to be unworkable for my particular audience at this particular moment. I am keeping the site up for now, in the hope that the Clean and Green Club’s moment may come in the future, but for now, I urge you instead to subscribe to Shel Horowitz’s free newsletter, Clean and Green Marketing.
This newsletter is a continuation of four publications Shel started all the way back to 1997 with Monthly Frugal Marketing Tips, making it one of the oldest continuously published marketing e-zines on the Net. It also incorporates the newsletter launched as Positive Power of Principled Profit in 2003.

Each issue will have at least one feature article: sometimes a profile of a Green/ethical business, sometimes a review of an important book, sometimes a hands-on practical marketing tip. Occasionally, an issue may include more than one feature. It will also include sections on where to meet Shel, friends and colleagues who want to help you, new content on our resource-intense websites, and other things to brighten your day.

You’ll get one issue a month, plus occasional special mailings that are time-sensitive and can’t wait for the next regular issue.

And who is Shel? Green/social change business profitability/marketing strategist and copywriter serving clients on five continents…award-winning author of ten books including primary authorship (with Guerrilla Marketing creator Jay Conrad Levinson) of the world-changing 2016 book Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World as well as the long-running category best-seller, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green…international speaker certified by the International Platform Association/TEDx talker…citizen environmental activist who saved a mountain. Shel’s consulting firm was the first business ever to achieve Green America’s Gold certification as a green business. He was inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame in 2011. Google him.